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Math Assignment Help

Math Assignment Help

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What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is a branch of science that broadens. our knowledge on size, order and questions which help in getting logical answers to every practical issue. Studying mathematics helps us to report all financial matters like personal, professional life expenses, income, profit and loss etc. This is the reason why this topic is co-related with all other areas of study, science, finance, research, engineering, medicine, economics, art, and more.

From the beginning the development of human civilization created the need to provide a consistent solution for many complex questions, and this is the reason that mathematics has been introduced in the real world. This is the reason that at present the mathematics school is one of the main subjects in college students’ course.

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Mathematics can be classified into two broad areas: Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. Pure Mathematics provides the main knowledge of this subject whereas in applied mathematics, those subjects are included which can be applied in the tangible world.

Areas categorized under pure Mathematics are:

  1. Analysis:The field of analysis consists mainly of study, knowledge and ideas on mathematics. Calculus is the result of development in modern science, which helps us to make a simple model of change and therefore estimates the importance. The area of ​​calculus can be further classified into two major sub-areas: differential calculus and integral calculus. The differential calculator describes the methods of varying amounts, whereas the integral calculus teaches the method of finding uncertain infinity to determine quantity, length, and area.
  2. Algebra:This is the study of one or more operations that contain variables with numbers, also called algebraic expression. Therefore, this field of mathematics is related to resolving most equations in which the polynomial operations of one or more variables are included.
  3. Geometry:Geometry is the study of size, its properties and configuration. It is also a voluntary study of related geometric objects.
  4. Arithmetic: The arithmetic number is studied. It can also be called a branch of mathematics, which is related to numbers.

Areas categorized under applied Mathematics are:

1.    Physical science: Use of mathematics to provide logical explanations for findings and research in physics.

2.    Computational science: Use of mathematical knowledge in the computational field for demonstration and simulation.

3.    Statistics: Mathematical representation and explanation of statistical data or collected information.

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